ERS Grandfather Satellite..! Danger of falling to Earth..!?

Scientists have said that the ERS satellite launched in 1995 is now in danger of falling towards the earth. In 1995, the european Space Agency launched a satellite to monitor the ozone layer. ERS Grandfather was launched and controlled by Europe. It was one of the first sophisticated observation platforms to be developed unlike the technologies currently used to observe the Earth. The life of this satellite, which has been in operation for many years, has now come to an end. After this, the satellite deviated from its orbital path. Scientists have said that the broken parts of the Grandfather satellite will fall on Earth. It is predicted to hit Earth by the end of this month.

The european Space Agency (ESA), which developed the satellite, said most of the two-tonne satellites would burn up when they fall down. Also, satellites may have some robust components that can withstand the intense heat as they descend toward Earth and enter the atmosphere but are less likely to hit populated areas. However, scientists have said that it is not possible to predict where the satellite will fall as it is currently uncontrollable. But it is reported that efforts are being made to make it fall into the sea. However, scientists fear that some of the particles may escape the atmosphere and fall to Earth.
According to the european Space Agency, the ERS-2 and ERS-1 satellites were the world's most advanced Earth observation satellites. This is why the two satellites are known as "Grandfathers". These satellites provided valuable data about the Earth such as changes in land, oceans, and poles. They were used to monitor natural disasters like severe floods and earthquakes and provide valuable data on the climate crisis. 16 years After its end-of-service life and de-orbiting, data from the Grandfather satellite is said to have generated about 4,000 scientific publications and helped shape more than 5,000 projects.

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