Telangana State schools are preparing to implement water breaks in response to the predicted rise in temperatures and heat waves this summer. Temperatures have already risen in february compared to past years, which has prompted preventative actions. telangana plans to install water bells at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm throughout the summer, following Kerala's successful model, which is now used in all of the state's schools.

By staying hydrated, students can counteract the negative impacts of the dry season on their bodies. On february 20, kerala introduced this method, therefore serving as a model for other states to emulate. According to an official announcement, telangana and karnataka are planning to follow suit and shortly launch this project. Remarkably, telangana has already implemented a comparable program in all of its government schools back in 2019. Although the project has not yet received official directives from the State administration, educators are ready to put it into practice for the sake of their pupils' well-being.

With rain predicted for the city, hyderabad is set to get much-needed respite from the summer-like heat. Because of the convergence of the easterlies and the moisture draw from the Bay of Bengal, rainfall is also expected in the eastern regions of Telangana.

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