The most talked-about issue right now is the arrest of bigg boss star and telugu YouTuber Shanmukh Jashwanth. Below are some details regarding the case as reported by a reputable telugu media source. Shanmukh reportedly offered to provide Mounika, a doctor, opportunities in the performing world when they first met. Then he presented her to sampath Vinay, his brother. sampath and mounika became intimate and were on the verge of marriage.
Sampath and mounika learned that sampath was already married six days before their wedding. She then made her way to the police, accusing sampath of being a cheat. to that point, the cops arrived at the hyderabad apartment where Shanmukh and sampath were residing. When the police arrived, they found that Shanmukh was under the influence of drugs, so they took him into custody. An additional search revealed Ganja in the flat.
When the police first arrived at the flat to look for sampath in connection with Mounika's cheating complaint, they discovered Ganja and took the two brothers into custody. The Narsingi police station is now looking into them. While his brother faces allegations of dishonesty, Shanmukh is charged with drug usage. After the boys were taken into custody, mounika and the accused' families were reportedly at the police station. Mounik had accused the entire family of dishonesty. We are currently conducting more research.

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