In a tragic incident, lasya Nandita, the 37-year-old BS mla of secunderabad Cantonment Constituency, lost her life in a road accident, prompting an outpouring of condolences from political leaders, ministers, and celebrities. The postmortem report, released by doctors at gandhi Hospital, revealed crucial details shedding light on the severity of the accident. 

According to the report, the absence of a seat belt during the car journey exacerbated the impact of the accident, resulting in severe head injuries. Additionally, lasya Nandita suffered a fractured jawbone, the loss of six teeth due to a powerful blow to the jaw, and fractures in the left leg and chest bones.

The doctors highlighted that the nerves in the brain were crushed, leading to her immediate demise at the accident spot. The police have initiated an investigation into the incident, exploring various angles surrounding her untimely death. The postmortem report underscores the importance of safety measures, emphasizing that wearing a seat belt could have mitigated the severity of the injuries sustained in the accident.

Meanwhile, minister Komatireddy Venkata reddy expressed deep sorrow over the MLA's tragic death, noting the unfortunate timing just four days after another loss. He mentioned that chief minister K. chandrasekhar Rao had instructed the Chief Secretary to organize the funeral with official honors, reflecting the somber mood surrounding lasya Nandita's untimely demise.

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