According to Edison Research predictions, former US President donald trump has trounced Nikki Haley, his final opponent in the 2024 Republican run for the White house, in the pivotal party primary in her home state of South Carolina. As he advances towards a third straight presidential nomination and a rematch with Democratic President Joe Biden, this continues Trump's winning trend.

Despite his lengthy criminal record and Haley's standing as a South Carolina native and two-term governor, the former president was heavily favoured to win the state. This was evident from poll after poll that showed him with a sizable advantage. Shortly after votes closed on saturday night at 7 p.m., trump addressed supporters in Columbia, the state capital, saying, "I have never seen the republican party so unified as it is right now."

In a speech that lasted around thirty minutes, he made no mention of Haley.
The overwhelming result will support calls from Trump's supporters for Haley, his final opponent, to withdraw from the race.
With five races completed, including those in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, the US Virgin Islands, and now Haley's home state, trump has practically eliminated any chance for her to win the Republican nominee.
This week, a stubborn Haley—who previously served as Trump's UN ambassador—insisted that she would continue her campaign through "Super tuesday," which is scheduled for march 5 and involves Republican voting in 15 states and one US territory.

Although it was still too early in the evening, Haley could be able to claim that she has some momentum going into Super tuesday if she were to receive a larger percentage of the vote than anticipated.
According to Edison Research, with only 2.5 percent of the anticipated vote cast, trump was up 63.8 percent to 34.8 percent.
In recent days, she has significantly up her criticism of trump, casting doubt on his mental stability and forewarning Americans that he would lose the general election in November.
However, there is little proof that Republican voters would support a candidate other than Trump.

In the Republican primary on saturday, voters prioritised immigration, a topic that President trump has made a major campaign theme, according to an Edison exit survey.
About 39% of voters mentioned that matter, while just 33% stated that the economy was their main worry.
Voters' assessment of the state of the economy, which stands at 84%, indicates a serious vulnerability for Biden in November's general election.
Exit surveys, however, once more highlighted Trump's personal weaknesses. On saturday, over one-third of voters stated that if trump were found guilty of a crime, he would not be suitable to hold the office of president.

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