Amidst heightened tensions over the Israel-Hamas conflict in british politics, the ruling Conservative party of the united kingdom has severed its relationship with a politician who had accused london Mayor Sadiq Khan of being under the influence of Islamists.
Lee Anderson was suspended, the party announced on Saturday, following his refusal to retract comments he made regarding Khan during a friday television appearance. Anderson, who served as the Conservative Party's deputy chairman until last month, will now serve as an independent member of Parliament.
Pressure has grown on prime minister Rishi Sunak and other top Conservative figures to denounce the remarks, which the opposition Labour Party's chairwoman referred to as "unambiguously racist and Islamophobic."

The dispute arises when tensions in british society are heightened by the Israel-Hamas conflict. Thousands of people have often participated in pro-Palestinian marches in london, demanding an immediate end to hostilities despite accusations that they are "antisemitic hate marches." Statistics from the last week indicate that since Hamas attacked israel on october 7, there has been a significant increase in occurrences of anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish sentiment.

This rage has spilled over into Parliament, where several MPs claim they fear for their lives after being threatened because of their stances on the Gaza conflict.
In an interview with GB News, Anderson blamed Khan for the police's handling of the pro-Palestinian protests in London.
While he doesn't "actually believe that the Islamists have got control of our country," Anderson stated that "I do believe that they have control over Khan and control over London."
Khan categorically denied the accusations, telling the BBC that sexism, Islamophobia, and antisemitism are only a few examples of the intolerance that has to be opposed.

"My worry is that individuals who identify as Muslims or who resemble Muslims will be apprehensive about joining the political sphere, as they understand that if a prominent Conservative makes such remarks disparaging me, then what hope is left for them?" he stated.

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