When tdp and JSP jointly declared their candidates for the next election, the alliance took a significant step forward. But the bjp, which is also in discussions about forming an alliance with the tdp and JSP, is still waiting. As for the coalition, bjp ap leader GVL narasimha Rao stated that the bjp high command has not provided any information. The andhra pradesh alliance has not yet been chosen by the bjp high leadership. We are unable to speak at this time because we do not have a clear instruction from the high leadership. GVL said.

The ap leadership will get ready for the election campaign independently till the bjp high command determines who to align with, according to the bjp leader. The attention-grabbing thing is that, despite the other two parties, tdp and JSP, having already revealed the first list, the bjp, which is in discussions to form an alliance, has yet to make an official declaration. However, tdp and JSP have continued to hold the seats earmarked for the bjp, and a fresh list will be unveiled when the alliance with the bjp has been evaluated.

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