It has been confirmed that tdp would run for 151 seats in the forthcoming elections, with janasena competing for the remaining 24 seats. Seat sharing could alter somewhat if the bjp enters. While janasena revealed five candidates, the tdp released its initial list of 94 contenders. The fact that each party made one sacrifice is another encouraging indicator in the list of candidates. While janasena relinquished the rajahmundry Rural seat, the tdp surrendered the tenali seat.
One of Tenali's key leaders is Alapati Raja. According to surveys, he will win this time. Tenali's seat was given up by Chandrababu in order to make room for Nadendla Manohar, the number two in Janasena. Regarding janasena, kandula durgesh has put in a lot of effort in rajahmundry Rural and is close to Pawan Kalyan. However, a report in Andhrajyothy claims that pawan kalyan consented to vacate the seat.
Gorantla Bucchiah Chowdary, the senior leader of the tdp and a current member of parliament, will run for rajahmundry Rural. However, it is not mentioned in the first list. The alliance's success will be greatly dependent on this accommodating mentality. It is now the responsibility of both leaders to persuade their vote banks, cadres, and supporters to guarantee a seamless transfer of votes.  


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