The conversation over the traffic safety protocols used on the hyderabad Outer Ring traffic has been triggered by the untimely death of lasya Nanditha, a young BRS MLA. However, a statistical analysis showed that the frequency of fatalities brought on by mishaps on the ORR is worryingly rising. The 158 km long hyderabad ORR is a section of immaculate multilane road. There is a 120 kmph authorised top speed here, and every day, up to 1.5 lakh cars use the ORR.
 But according to the police, a lot of cars frequently travel between 140 and 160 kmph on the ORR. It is discovered that some automobiles can reach speeds of 200 kmph. Even the slightest mistakes might result in deadly collisions at these high speeds. According to the police, even if these cars face severe fines, the culture of speeding doesn't change. Speeding is also a factor in the tragic vehicle accident that killed lasya the other day. The motorist who is recuperating from the injuries has a police complaint against them.

In 2022, there were 170 fatalities on ORR as a result of accidents; however, in 2023, that figure sharply increased to 216, a startling 127% increase. The 2024 total is increased by the untimely death of mla Lasya.

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