In the state's Kalaburagi district, nine activists and two nurses are the targets of a formal complaint for suspected "forceful" conversion. In the Kalaburagi district's Ratkal hamlet, two Christian nurses named ashwini and Rubika are accused of trying to "forcefully" convert locals to christianity on february 22. The two nurses were the subject of a lawsuit brought by the Hindu Jagruthi Sena, a Hindu group, because of their "forceful" conversion.

But on Friday, Ashwini, one of the nurses, also filed a lawsuit against shankar Choka, the president of the Hindu Jagruthi Sena, Basavaraj, Vishnu, and other activists under the Atrocities Act and parts of the indian Penal Code. In their lawsuit, the Hindu Jagruthi Sena claimed that the accused nurses were bribing individuals and "forcefully" converting them to Christianity.

Sena members visited the location and questioned the nurses. They had bible sermons and had invited religious lecturers. Sena claimed, "They are causing communal unrest in the village and engaging in religious conversion." According to the Sena complaint, the nurses were engaging in religious conversion and disseminating anti-Hindu propaganda because they were employed by the government, rather than providing equal treatment to all patients without regard to their faith.

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