During the month of Ramadan, Hyderabad's old Mecca Masjid is perhaps the most popular destination. Throughout the holy month, people come from all around Telangana, especially for Iftar. Worshippers do, however, lament that the arrangements for breaking the fast have not kept up with the majesty of the location over the past several years.
People who come to the mosque to break their fast are given a tiny amount of dal and a few dates by the Mecca Masjid management. The management has acknowledged that there aren't enough resources to offer anything more.

The mosque receives funding from the minority welfare department to set up and serve iftar during Ramadan.
In the lead-up to Ramadan, the mosque invests a significant amount of money in cleaning, whitewashing, and carpet cleaning and replacement. The mosque spends a lot of money installing temporary shade.
The mosque is not prioritized when it comes to serving iftar. Ziauddin, a frequent visitor to the mosque and resident of Panch Mohalla, thinks that if not for everyone, then at least those who cannot afford a decent lunch should be given one by the mosque administration.

The Shahi Masjid Bagh e Aam and the Mecca Masjid are maintained by the minority welfare department. people insist that the iftar meal distribution be handled by the minority welfare department, if not in partnership with nearby social and religious groups.
During Ramadan, people are observed buying and bringing fruits and other food items to break their fast while they travel to the mosque. During Ramadan, people go to hyderabad from various areas in Telangana, Karnataka, and maharashtra to take in the atmosphere. During this month, local traders do business valued at crores of rupees.

Majid Khan, an Old City social worker, stated that "the minority welfare department and district administrators should realise the need to take proper care of the visitors to the city and provide necessary facilities."
People expect that because congress has assumed control of the state government, it would take this into account.

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