According to police, an odisha guy was detained for peddling Ganja chocolates in Hyderabad. Under the jurisdiction of the Cyberabad police Commissionerate, the guy known as Ananta Kumar Barak was found to be vending chocolates laced with ganja, or cannabis, in the Balanagar neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. Following a tip, the Balanagar police raided his store and took 140 chocolates containing ganja. He acknowledged that he had sold them to students and laborers.

This seizure is the most recent in a string of them that hyderabad has seen recently. police discovered that some migrant labourers from odisha were carrying chocolates laced with ganja to hyderabad in the majority of the cases.
when giving these chocolates away for free to coworkers and students, they start selling them when they get hooked on them.
For Rs 20, each 5-gram chocolate bar includes 14% ganja leaf extract.
Chocolates laced with ganja were found in several locations across the city by the police during the state's stepped-up campaign against narcotics. Some of these chocolates were observed being sold in stores close to schools.

41.5 kg of ganja chocolates were found in three separate incidences last month. A construction worker from Odisha's Balasore was apprehended in Kokapet with 3.6 kg of ganja chocolates when he was working on a project. He was discovered offering his coworkers these chocolates.
In another instance, 35.2 kg of ganja chocolates were found in Ramanthapur. These chocolates were being sold by an employee who was also from Balasore, from a paan shop.
In the third case, chocolates laced with ganja were sold in Hafeezpet, leading to the arrest of two guys from Uttar Pradesh. They had 2.7 kg of chocolates seized by the police.

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