The telangana State government approved Rs. 80 crore on saturday to begin the initiative that would provide LPG cylinders for Rs. 500 this week.
The Department of Civil Supplies has been instructed to undertake the required preparations. The instructions issued by DS Chauhan, the Principal Secretary for Civil Supplies, granted administrative approval for the release of an additional Rs. 80 crore in money to the Civil Supplies Commissioner from the 2023–24 budgetary allocations. The funds have been set aside for the maha Lakshmi scheme's LPG subsidy implementation.

Although the State administration has declared its intention to initiate the 200 units of free energy Gruha jyothi initiative shortly, locals are unsure of who would be qualified to get all these benefits.
There are a lot of misconceptions about the program, which is a part of the maha Lakshmi initiative because the State government has not yet released instructions for it. Despite the congress party's electoral campaign pledge to offer free electricity to all homes with less than 200 units consumed, there is a lot of chatter that the program would only be available to those with Below Poverty Line (BPL) cards.

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