Saturday, Abdulla shahid, the former foreign minister of the maldives, attacked President Mohamed Muizzu's assertions that "thousands of indian troops" had been withdrawn, calling it yet another "in a string of lies". shahid claimed that no foreign soldiers with guns were stationed on the island country in a post on X. The lack of foreign forces on the island nation, he claimed, "speaks volumes" on the part of the Muizzu leadership.

"100 days in, it's clear: President Muizzu's claims of 'thousands of indian military personnel' were just another in a string of lies. The current administration's inability to provide specific numbers speaks volumes. There are no armed foreign soldiers stationed in the country. Transparency matters, and the truth must prevail," shahid said.

According to Muizzu's statement on february 5, the first contingent of indian military personnel would leave the island country by march 10; the remaining indian forces, who are now stationed at two aircraft bases, will depart by May 10.
The goal, according to the president of the maldives, is to get the island nation to the point where there is no longer any foreign military presence there.
Upon winning the november 2023 presidential election, Muizzu—who is seen as a leader who supports China—promised to withdraw indian forces from the island country.
Radar installations and surveillance planes supported by New delhi are maintained by around ninety indian military personnel. Maldivian warships assist in policing the country's exclusive economic zone.

Muizzu recently said that, in addition to improving the nation's capacity for carrying out underwater surveys, the maldives would continue to exercise independent sovereignty over all of its territories, including the marine, aerial, and terrestrial domains.
His words coincided with a diplomatic spat over disparaging remarks made by Maldivian lawmakers on prime minister Narendra Modi's january visit to Lakshadweep, which caused tension in bilateral relations between the two nations. Following the incident, Muizzu intensified his rhetoric against India.
Days after the incident broke out, Muizzu made a subtle jab at India, saying, "We may be small, but that doesn't give you the licence to bully us."

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