The varanasi District Court's order to permit Hindu prayers at "Vyas Ka Tekhana," a restricted space inside the Gyanvapi mosque in varanasi, was challenged by the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee. The allahabad high court will rule on this appeal today. The decision on monday will be made after the hearing on two petitions from the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee concluded on february 15.
Today at approximately ten in the morning, Justice Rohit Ranjan Agarwal's single bench will give the ruling. It will be made about the initial appeals that the mosque committee has submitted.
On january 31, the varanasi district court issued a ruling allowing priests to offer prayers before the idols in Gyanvapi's southern crypt. On february 1, around midnight, religious activities were held on the mosque premises.
Devotees may now access the cellar located in the south.
After the supreme court declined to hear the mosque committee's appeal against the varanasi district court judgement and asked it to go to the high court, the group petitioned the high court on february 2.
Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh yogi adityanath paid a visit to the Gyanvapi grounds on february 13 and offered prayers at the 'Vyas Ka Tekhana'.

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