Even though the election commission of india hasn't yet revealed the date of the lok sabha elections, bookmakers are already quite busy all throughout the nation. The bookies predict that wagering on elections will generate almost Rs 2.5 lakh crores in revenue overall. Even though the outcomes of the next elections are still months away, they are nevertheless actively taking bets.
Although the process of choosing the final candidates for each constituency is still ongoing, these bookies are making predictions about how many seats each major political party may win. The availability of cloned websites that imitate legitimate betting platforms from overseas adds intrigue to this situation. With the exception of horse racing, most kinds of betting are illegal in India. There are presently over 300 of these cloned websites live, most of them run by well-known bookmakers. The minimum bet is Rs 10,000, and there is no upper limit.

Bookies are now taking wagers on the overall number of seats that the congress and bjp are predicted to win. The bjp is predicted to win about 330 seats, while the congress is predicted to win about 40 seats. It is possible for betting rates to change in response to current political events.

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