Telangana's major political parties are working hard to choose their nominees for the next parliamentary elections. The news of tollywood star producer dil Raju's political debut has been around for a while. dil raju has received two offers from different parties, according to credible sources. congress is offering him nizamabad, while the bjp is proposing Zaheerabad. 

If he gives the go-ahead for the congress, dil raju would have to challenge Dharmapuri Arvind, the current bjp MP. Kalvakuntla Kavitha, the daughter of KCR, ran for the BRS in both the 2014 and 2019 elections, although there are rumours that she might not run this time.

Nizamabad is the hometown of dil Raju. We frequently witness powerful and wealthy people abandoning their home communities as they rise to prominence. However, dil raju keeps in constant contact with his local folks and never forgets where he came from. In addition to constructing a sizable temple there, he also engages in a number of charitable endeavours, such as pushing farmers to practise organic farming. 

Ashish, the nephew of dil Raju, recently tied the knot. The N-Convention in hyderabad hosted the wedding reception. dil raju made sure to invite all of his close friends and family from nizamabad and treated them incredibly well, in addition to the who's who of Hyderabad's elite, politicians, and telugu film business. That's how he feels about the location.

Dil Raju thus always chooses nizamabad first. Considering his popularity and the current congress swing, he may be a great wager here. However, in the assembly seats under the nizamabad Parliament, BRS won three, congress won two, and bjp won two in the most recent assembly elections. However, dil raju has been offered Zaheerabad by the BJP. Additionally, dil raju has solid connections in Zaheerabad. In Kamareddy, one of the seven assembly seats included in Zaheerabad, bjp candidate K. V. reddy -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ramana reddy emerged victorious against both incumbent chief minister Revanth reddy and former chief minister KCR, dubbed the Giantkiller.

In the most recent lok sabha section, the bjp won just one seat, while the congress won four and the BRS won two. Additionally, dil raju maintains solid relations with the BRS top command. However, the top two parties in this election are the congress and the BJP. Therefore, if dil raju decides to enter politics, he's probably going to accept one of the two offers. Given his popularity among the populace, dil raju has a solid probability of winning regardless of the party and the seat. According to those close to dil Raju, the senior producer is now preoccupied with Ashish's post-wedding festivities and would probably make a choice later this week.

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