In a startling development, a farmer was recently refused access to a metro train in Bengaluru because security personnel deemed his clothing to be "too dirty" for him to use the service. The farmer, who had bought a ticket for his trip, was halted at the security checkpoint at the Rajajinagar Metro Station in Bengaluru. He was wearing a white shirt and carried a bag of clothing on his head.

The farmer, who spoke only Hindi, received assistance from another man who was approaching the station to take the metro in a video that was posted on X (previously Twitter). He asked the metro officials whether there was a policy requiring patrons to adhere to a dress code to use the system.

The man is heard stating in kannada in the video, "The farmer has the ticket needed to get admission. His luggage contains merely clothing and nothing that is forbidden from entering the subway. Why is he not being allowed entry?

The individual is also reported to have asked the authorities whether VIP travel was the only purpose of the metro or if it was a public transit system. Other others waiting in line to enter also joined the farmer's cause and denounced the biased actions of the security guards.
The security supervisor reportedly lost his job as a result of the event, which caused a stir online.

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