Once the center of parties and celebrations at night, Khajaguda Hills is now calmer since visitors are subject to entry restrictions enforced by the government. The hills, a popular hangout for young locals looking for nighttime entertainment, have changed as a result of worries about misbehavior and environmental damage.

Recurrent complaints about late-night activities that degraded the peaceful Khajaguda Hills landscape—such as drinking, partying, and littering—led to the decision to restrict entry.
The area, which was once open 24/7, now has restricted access after 6 p.m. A recently erected fence acts as a barrier to stop undesirable behaviour.
Three local organizations took action to solve the issues by filing complaints with the authorities, seeing the need to protect the sacredness of the area.

According to Srinivas, the Raidurgam police Station's Sub-Inspector of police, "we put restrictions in place almost a month ago."
"After 6 p.m., visitor access is now limited. A fence has been built to enforce the curfew. The purpose of this decision was to avert any possible undesirable events.
Beyond its allure as a recreational destination, Khajaguda Hills is significant for geological and cultural reasons due to its ancient rock formations, which date back an estimated 2.5 billion years.

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