It's almost summertime, which is a little sooner than usual this year! Mangoes, the king of fruits, is also beginning to show out on Hyderabadi fruit vendors' shelves ahead of schedule, albeit in smaller quantities. Mangoes have arrived in hyderabad markets, bringing with them an intoxicating perfume and luscious sweetness that heralds the beginning of a savory season that will crescendo during the Ugadi holiday in april when wholesale shops are filled with Banganapalli.

Mangoes come in four different types now found in the city's markets: Alphonso, Himayat, Benishan, and Rasaal. However, as the proprietor of Star fruit Centre in Banjara Hills, Moiz, demonstrates, this is only the start. He hinted that mango lovers will have plenty of alternatives when he said, "We anticipate the arrival of additional varieties such as Kesar, Dasehri, Neelam, and Chausa in the coming days or month."

Mango prices are now high in the market due to the early arrival of the fruit, but respite is expected in the upcoming days. Begumpet merchant Suraj said that because there isn't as much stock as there used to be, prices are higher now. He gave devotees hope for a price reduction as the mango season develops optimism when he said, "While prices are currently high due to limited varieties, the prices will reduce as the season progresses."

Mango costs range from Rs 2200 per dozen for Alphonso Mangoes, which have a smooth, creamy texture and silky skin, to Rs 150 per kilogram for Benishan Mangoes, which are larger and weigh a bit more.
"Rasaal, renowned for their sweet and juicy flavor, is priced at Rs 250 per kilo, while Himayat mangoes, which have a thin outer skin and plenty of pulp inside, are sold for Rs 450 per kilo," Moiz continued.

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