The haryana police have stated that Nafe Singh Rathee, a former mla and president of the indian National Lok Dal's haryana chapter, was most likely killed by a mobster from the UK.
In relation to the case, the police also said that they would question a close accomplice of the criminal who was being held at Delhi's Tihar Jail. Sandeep, also known as Kala Jathedi, is a prominent haryana criminal who was previously questioned by the police at Tihar Jail.
Sandeep refuted any participation in Singh's murder during questioning.

At Bahadurgarh, outside Delhi, on sunday, unidentified gunmen blasted bullets into Rathee's sports utility vehicle (SUV), killing him and indian National Lok Dal (INLD) worker jai Kishan. According to a police report, the attackers who shot Rathee dead in his SUV informed his nephew, who was operating the car, that they were letting him live so he could tell his family.
Former mla Naresh Kaushik, Karambir Rathee, Ramesh Rathee, Satish Rathee, Gaurav Rathee, Rahul, and Kamal were all identified by the police in the FIR.
Five other nameless offenders were mentioned in the FIR.

Meanwhile, Rakesh, Rathee's nephew, said to the police that five unidentified assassins, who were pursuing them in a vehicle, opened fire randomly close to the Barahi railway crossing. police were informed by the complainant Rakesh that Rathee was seated next to him when he drove. Two people, one of them was the INLD employee who was murdered in the event, were seated in the back seat.
Rakesh stated that on sunday night, they would be going back to Bahadurgarh.
In the state held by the Bharatiya Janata Party, the opposition parties responded sharply to the incident, which occurred less than two months prior to the lok sabha elections.

On Monday, 12 people—including a former MLA—were charged in connection with Rathee's murder. However, haryana Home minister Anil Vij said that the cbi will take over the investigation.
The declaration was made as Vij refuted the opposition's accusation that the state's law-and-order system had failed in the haryana Assembly.

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