In Chennai, the resurrection of older films in theatres gathered momentum after Dhanush's 2012 smash film "3" was re-released by Kamala Cinemas. One of the main draws for people attending these re-releases is nostalgia, especially for younger viewers who may not have had the opportunity to watch these films when they first came out in theatres. Seeing these films seems more like going to a concert than a typical cinema theatre for a large portion of the crowd.

Social media users love to post videos of themselves dancing, singing, or applauding during movies, and these videos go viral, drawing more people to movie theatres like Kamala Cinemas. There is a drawback to this tendency, too, as some theatre owners have reportedly resorted to showing pirated copies of films when they are rereleased. Rather than getting legitimate 4K wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital prints from distributors or producers, they choose to use unauthorised copies, which they screen using projectors connected to computers.

Social media users have shared images of this deceit, including one where a theater's screen prominently displayed a VLC player, signalling the use of unapproved content. It's unclear which theatre specifically took this move. The particular theater still keeps a muted response and never even reacted to the issue.

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