Veteran actor Sivakumar garnered media attention on monday when a video of him tossing a gift given to him by a fan became popular on social media. The actor was shown in the viral video grabbing the scarf that was given to him and throwing it. Then he started to descend the stairs. Based on his motion, online users swiftly criticized the actor. They criticized the elderly person for acting inappropriately. 

But a fan's relative disclosed some information in the video's comments section. Are you interested in learning more? Continue reading.

The truth behind Sivakumar's viral video
A social media user going by the handle Rifoy Jainulabideen noted shortly after the video went viral that his grandpa Kreem was the older fan in the clip.

He said that Kreem and actor Sivakumar have been great friends for more than 50 years. He continued by saying that only "best friends" could throw a shawl the manner Sivakumar did.

The user said that Sivakumar traveled to Karaikudi to attend an event, therefore his grandfather, who is from Karaikudi, went to greet him. Additionally, he mentioned that throughout the years, Sivakumar and Kreem had visited each other's family gatherings.

India Herald contacted a representative for Sivakumar to confirm the veracity of the communication. Speaking with india Herald, the representative said "Yes, this is exactly the truth."

Sivakumar made waves in 2018 after he broke a fan's phone in their palm. When the fan tried to take a selfie with him, Sivakumar became enraged and expressed his disdain. The star later issued a public apology and purchased a new phone for the admirer. Additionally, Sivakumar stated that it is common politeness to get someone's permission before taking a photo with them.


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