According to reports, actress trisha is about to sign a big telugu movie project. In anticipation of his upcoming commercial film, daggubati venkatesh is working with renowned director Anil Ravipudi. The project is generating further excitement as rumors say that trisha is being considered for a significant part in the movie. 

According to reports, trisha is reportedly in talks to be cast in the part. It is anticipated that she will soon formally join the cast and provide her wealth of experience and knowledge to the project. Renowned cinema director anil ravipudi is said to have written a funny plot that plays to Venkatesh's strengths. The excitement around this new project is also heightened by the success of Trisha's prior partnerships with venkatesh, including the blockbuster films Namo Venkatesha and Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule.
The producers claim that "Venkatesh and Trisha's onscreen chemistry is immensely enjoyable to watch, and they work incredibly well together." We hope she'll agree to be in the movie since we feel confident having her in it. Large-scale dil raju produced the movie, which is Anil Ravipudi's comeback to comedy following Bhagavanth Kesari, an action film. Fans anticipate stunning chemistry between the protagonists, especially with trisha possibly involved in the production. The prospect of trisha joining the cast is even more exciting because of her experience in high-profile films like Thug Life by mani ratnam and Vishwambhara.

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