Tucked away in Jubilee Hills' lush Kasu Brahmananda reddy National (KBRN)Park is a modest but historically noteworthy relic: a private gas station that belonged to Hyderabad's Nizam and was used to service his collection of cars, trucks, and equipment. The discovery of this historical artifact by city resident Raju Alluri has aroused park visitors' attention.

Alluri posted his findings on facebook after discovering the dilapidated gas pump while out on a stroll. He mentioned that most frequent park visitors don't notice the pump, even though it's close to the walking trail.
The discovery clarifies the rich past of the park, which is included in the Divisional Forest Officer's management plan for the years 2025–2026. The paper states that the jubilee hills Forest Block, which is currently known as KBR National Park, covers a total of 142.5 hectares. The Nizam of hyderabad had previously owned the land, but the Urban Land Ceiling Act allowed the government to purchase it. Nonetheless, the Nizam was allowed to keep 2.40 hectares of land.

The text states that the park, which is encircled by a wall that was built as a protective measure by the Nizam in the 1960s, has been instrumental in the preservation of the Deccan Plateau's distinctive flora, wildlife, and rock formations. Because of the protective barrier's presence, biotic interference was avoided, facilitating the gradual regeneration of damaged wood.

Seventeen places in the vast National Park are classified as retainable territories of the Nizam, meaning that he, his attendants, and security guards will always have access to them.

The petrol station is one of these spaces, taking approximately 528.28 square meters. The retainable area includes non-residential structures such as a garage, dhobi khana, workshop shed, chicken shed, Gol bungalow, and Mor bungalow.

The finding of the Nizam's private gas pump is a poignant reminder of Hyderabad's rich history and its ongoing ties to the Raj. Now, when guests explore the serene environs of KBR Park, they are met with an evocative view of a past age conserved inside the metropolitan setting of the metropolis.

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