Off the coast of gujarat, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and the gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) worked together to capture 3,300 kg of cocaine from a boat that was suspected to be carrying Pakistani crew members. This drug seizure represents the largest on the indian subcontinent. These medications are thought to be worth about Rs 2,000 crore on the global market. The stockpile of drugs found within the premises reads "Produce of Pakistan" and contains 3,089 kg of cannabis, 158 kg of methamphetamine, and 25 kg of morphine.

An indian Navy mission-deployed ship that was at sea for two days intercepted the suspect boat as it approached indian territorial seas based on information from a surveillance aircraft.
When the authorities searched the yacht and found a significant amount of drugs, they detained five members of the crew and seized the boat and drugs.
The crew members, narcotics, and the confiscated boat have all been transported to Porbandar, Gujarat.
An inquiry is in progress to find out additional details about the alleged Pakistani crew members and to determine where the drugs came from and are going.

Union home minister amit shah praised law enforcement for following prime minister Narendra Modi's "vision of a drug-free Bharat" in response to the operation on Wednesday.
"The remarkable achievement is evidence of our government's steadfast dedication to eradicating drugs from our country. "I express my congratulations to the gujarat Police, the Navy, and the NCB on this occasion," he said in a post on X.
Previously, the indian Navy has conducted many maritime operations and seized narcotics valued at crores of rupees.

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