The working president of the BRS party, KT Rama Rao, was challenged by telangana chief minister A revanth reddy on tuesday to run for and win "at least one seat" in the next general elections.
In response to KTR's assertion that the congress would not have secured even 30 seats if revanth reddy had been declared the chief ministerial candidate, reddy asserted that he worked his way up the ranks and did not owe his job to his family.
"I am putting ktr (Rama Rao) to the test. At a public gathering in Chevella, he declared, "If you have the courage, run for and win at least one seat in telangana in the upcoming parliamentary elections."

Additionally, he chastised former chief minister chandrasekhar rao-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>k chandrasekhar rao for designating his daughter K kavitha as an MLC shortly after her defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, and another cousin as the state planning board's deputy chairman.
According to news agency PTI, the chief minister claimed that kcr "did not bother" to hire young people from underprivileged backgrounds who are unemployed.
According to him, the congress administration has sent appointment letters to 25,000 individuals and plans to hire more than 6,000 on march 2.

According to the chief minister, announcements on teacher recruitment under the district Selection Committee method would be made soon by the state government.
'Indiramma committees' will be established in villages to provide the impoverished with social programmes, he added.
The chief minister also took aim at the national government, accusing it of not living up to its pledge to double farmers' incomes and create two crore jobs annually.

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