Virat kohli became famous all over germany in one day..!?

In one day, virat kohli has become popular among football fans in germany and serious football-playing european countries. It is because of a job done by the twitter administrator of Germany's leading football club Bayern Munich. virat kohli, who was once a famous player in the world of cricket, today has become a player who makes cricket famous all over the world. virat kohli also has fans on par with the number of fans of famous football players around the world, especially on social media.

In this situation on twitter, "If famous players in different sports in the world could change their game and play equally, which two players would you say?" The answer was posted from Bayern Munich's twitter page to a company's funny question. The post was widely shared on twitter in the next few minutes. It was viewed by around 15 lakh people in a few hours.
The comparison was also reported in the German media. Thus, in one day virat kohli became famous among football fans in Germany. Bayern Munich broke the news as their team's twitter post got the world talking. In other words, the twitter administrator who posted the post broke the fact that he was an ardent virat kohli fan and published a post. In it, the administrator named Thomas was wearing the uniform of the indian cricket team.

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