Following a search, a letter with the words "Thank you, PIA (Pakistan international Airlines)" was discovered in a Toronto hotel room. After a pleasant and comfortable journey, a flight attendant might anticipate receiving a message of gratitude from a passenger, similar to this one. But the "thank you, PIA" message was really penned by an air hostess, not a happy passenger.

The message was from Maryam Raza, a PIA employee who had arrived in Toronto on Monday, february 26 from Islamabad, but had failed to report for duty on her way back to Karachi the following day.

Dawn said that when searchers for Maryam entered her hotel room, they discovered her PIA uniform along with a letter saying, "Thank you, PIA."

Maryam Raza is not the only case of a member of the PIA crew who landed in canada and then vanished without trace. She was actually only following a trend.

Maryam vanishes within a month of the disappearance of PIA flight attendant Faiza Mukhtar in canada in january 2024.

According to PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan, Faiza Mukhtar "did not board the flight and disappeared" on the day he was scheduled to return to Karachi after arriving in Canada.


Maryam and Faiza's disappearances really fit within a concerning pattern for the PIA, which is struggling with losses in confidence and finances.
Maryam's disappearance is the second incident of this kind in 2024.
Most likely, it's not the same PIA that Jacqueline Kennedy referred to as "Great people to fly with" back in 1962. From then on, that has been PIA's motto.
As a matter of fact, pakistan has changed since the 1960s. pakistan, which depends on international aid and loans from the international Monetary Fund (IMF), has experienced a historic brain drain in 2023. Professionals with skills who were unsure about their future in pakistan have started fleeing the Islamic Republic in large numbers.

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