A worm was recently found in a Cadbury chocolate bar that a resident of hyderabad bought from the well-known retail establishment Ratnadeep. The telangana State Food Laboratory has now published an analytical report claiming that the chocolate sample was contaminated by white worms and webs.
Authorities acted after receiving a report from Robin Vinay Kumar Zaccheus. They searched the business and collected samples from the same batch that had been connected to the event. After that, these samples were sent to the telangana State Food Laboratory for in-depth examination.

The sample of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate (Roast Almond) was discovered to be contaminated with white worms and webs, according to the laboratory's analytical report. As a result, it was deemed hazardous for eating under section 3.1(zz)(iii)(ix) of the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006.
The study also included a comprehensive investigation of the presence of sugar, artificial food coloring, acid-insoluble ash, moisture level, and total fat. The moisture content was found to be 4.86 percent, total fat to be 31.71%, and acid insoluble ash to be 0.089 percent. The sugar test came back positive, but there was no synthetic food coloring detected.

Notably, specifications for chocolate goods include that they have no more than 0.2 percent acid insoluble ash, no less than 25% fat, and no extraneous objects, including worms. Because the analyzed sample did not match these requirements, it was considered dangerous to consume.
The report, according to the authorities, only relates to the sample that was submitted.
A sample of Dairy Milk chocolate (Fruit & Nut) was also inspected by the State Food Laboratory, and as it met the guidelines for chocolate products, it was declared safe for ingestion.

Meanwhile, in a statement issued here, Mondelez India's Spokesperson said, “We follow the internationally accepted HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) program, which is the most comprehensive food safety system in the world, to ensure that our products are free from any physical, chemical and microbiological issues. chocolate like any other food product requires specific care and attention in the distribution chain, retail environment, and storage. Every Cadbury carries the label – ‘Store in a cool, hygienic and dry place’. We have tested the samples of the same batch, as well as other batches manufactured around the same time, and found no issues. We are confident that the product has not been affected during the manufacturing process. The quality of our products and the safety of our consumers is our highest priority and we remain committed to ensuring our consumers continue to love our products”.

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