Can't afford family expenses, Eat Kellogg's: CEO speech..!!?

Kellogg's CEO Gary Pilnick advised people to eat cereal for breakfast and dinner as family grocery costs continue to rise. There has been a lot of opposition to his opinion. In a television interview last week, Gary Pilnick said that cereal is cheap and so the shopkeepers have to buy and sell it. Cereal varieties are always available at very affordable prices. It can be a great choice when consumers are under pressure from family spending. He said that the price of cereal for a family would be very cheap.
When tv host Carl Quintanilla asked if it would be wrong to ask people to eat two servings of cereal, Pilnik replied that what would be wrong with encouraging people to eat cereal when there are so many opportunities? And eating cereal for dinner is very popular now. Cereal with milk and fruit costs under $1. He said this trend will continue. Pilnik's speech outraged social media users and sparked a fierce backlash. One user posted a comment about it, Kellogg can do whatever it takes to make more money from people in times of crisis. I wonder what their CEO eats for dinner? All day long he is thinking about the price rise without any attention. Another user commented, "We live in a world where families have to choose cereal for dinner to save money." He mentioned that it is very sad. A third user wrote in his post that it is wild for the rich to use poverty to survive in the market. Cereals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner are just garbage. Learn about nutrition for your own health, said one user. Meanwhile, Kellogg's, famous for brewed loops, corn flakes, and other cereals, is promoting the breakfast-for-dinner trend starting in 2022, according to the New York Post. According to data from the Department of Agriculture, Americans will spend 11.4 percent of their income on food by 2022. This is the highest since 1999.

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