Mayor Gadwal vijayalakshmi of the Greater hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) was invited by singapore Consul General Edgar Pang on Thursday, february 29, to take part in the 9th World Cities Conference, which will take place in singapore from june 2–4, 2024. According to a news release from the ghmc, the World Cities Summit (WCS) will provide a forum for mayors, business owners, and urban specialists to exchange integrated urban solutions and forge new alliances to address issues facing livable and sustainable cities.

Mayors and corporate executives will debate topics related to livable and sustainable communities, revitalization, re-invention, and re-imaging on this platform. In addition, chances to create smart and regenerative cities, ways to accomplish smart city objectives, and ways to improve city living for everyone in the present and the future will be covered by urban specialists and others. The Mayor was invited to the singapore WCS by the singapore delegation to provide ideas on improving and sustaining urban areas.

This time, the Mayor addressed them and stated that the ghmc is striving to establish hyderabad as a "top city." She clarified that this city's infrastructure was designed to be signal-free for social and commercial projects. nicole Chen, a member of the Singaporean consulate, and others took part in the programme.

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