Garbage is seen everywhere in Hyderabad, from the busy major roadways to the residential complexes' small alleyways. The streets and public areas are littered with piles of trash, which is a sight that city people find unacceptable. None of the numerous interventions and procedures put in place to manage solid trash in the city appear to be working.

A deadly combination of public indifference and the government's lazy handling of rubbish has resulted in persistent garbage susceptible spots that can be found in every other roadway in the city. It appears that ghmc is attempting to use sweepers and Swachh autos, but it is not appearing to be successful. Speaking about the massive volumes of rubbish produced in the city, IT worker Akansha Velluru says, "We also need to work on reducing garbage production in the first place."

Waste from activities on city roadways generally ends up as trash, but waste from residential and business buildings makes its way to the dump yard. Because there aren't enough dustbins and people aren't motivated to find one, throwing out food scraps, wrappers, papers, and other garbage has become normal.
Regretfully, ghmc has made several mistakes in trying to address this persistent issue. Not only is it impossible to completely remove these places where trash is tossed every day, but there is also a lack of awareness regarding the issues these areas cause.

The waste and its stench are not the only issues in areas where trash is disposed of. Additionally, it serves as a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes. There are dogs there as well. Guys simply go outside and urinate there. Removing these areas is crucial, according to uppal resident G Dinesh.
Piles of debris left on the roadways for days at a time, along with the other issues arising from the inaction on roadside garbage removal, present a depressing image of the city, which is expanding rapidly.

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