It is well known that Prabhas's kalki would mark deepika Padukone's tollywood debut. The main cast is now participating in the filming of this massively expensive project. By the way, deepika has now subtly revealed that she is expecting her first kid in september and is expected to give birth. To make the same point, she posted a mysterious message on social media.
This raises the issue of whether deepika can work around her pregnancy and yet maintain the kalki 2898 AD filming schedule. She probably could have adjusted her schedule by the fact that this was a planned pregnancy decision. It's possible that she is almost finished with her role and will have finished the shoot before experiencing any bodily changes.
If kalki is scheduled for release on May 9, then another query arises: would deepika actively participate in the promotional tours and market the movie even if her unflattering pregnancy will draw attention from the public and media? She must actively market the movie across the hindi belt since amitabh and Deepika's presence is what makes the movie stand out there. We have to wait and see how things work out since there are now too many unanswered issues on this subject.


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