Telangana police reportedly labelled telugu film director krish a "absconder" after he neglected to show up for an appearance in relation to a narcotics bust case at a hotel. krish was called in by the police on wednesday to assist with an investigation into narcotics, which involves the son of a bjp politician. telangana police has issued a notice in accordance with Section 160 of the CrPC. 

Three people were detained on february 25 for reportedly using cocaine in a Gachibowli hotel room. Among them was the director of a real estate and construction company located in the city. The son of a bjp politician is also among those detained. krish attended the party and was later called in by the police to be questioned.

Because krish did not show up for his scheduled appearance before the authorities, he was labelled as a "absconder." The case is still being looked into by the police. Film director krish was identified by Gachibowli police in the Radisson Hotel narcotics case earlier. krish, however, had claimed to the media that he spent 30 minutes at the Radisson hotel seeing pals. He claimed to have given the police the same information when he got back from the hotel at 6:45 p.m.

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