Janasena The announcement that President pawan kalyan would accept 24 seats and establish an alliance with the tdp disappointed a tiny number of supporters, most of whom were movie buffs with no understanding of serious politics. In his speech to this small group of moviegoers at the janasena and TDP's first public gathering, pawan kalyan correctly brought attention to the facts. He freely discussed the absence of leaders and organisational structure in a fledgling party such as Janasena.
In a show of exasperation, Pawan told people who agreed with his actions that they would stick with him through thick and thin and that anyone who disagreed with him weren't really his followers. They found Pawan Kalyan's direct approach to resolving the little issue to be rather appealing. These moviegoers are sensitive, youthful people who don't know much about politics.

Based on social media observations, it is clear that Pawan Kalyan's approach to solving this problem has been successful. Disappointed parties ceased to bemoan the distribution of 24 seats. This demonstrates the effect of a movie star speaking with his followers personally. watch out this space for more updates in this regard.

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