Then-Andhra Pradesh's Chief Minister, Subhaleka Sudhakar, requests that Major prasad Rao, played by murali Sharma, create a covert organization that operates outside of the law. The organization's goal is to overcome any obstacle in their path. hyderabad has a bomb explosion that shakes the entire city. In an attempt to apprehend the terrorist, prasad Rao contacts Chaari, his secret spy (Vennela Kishore). Chaari 111 is about what occurred next.

The central character of this spy comedic action drama is vennela Kishore. He makes the most out of his comedic timing and demeanor. There were several ridiculous moments with vennela kishore in particular that were so funny that they had the entire audience in stitches. Samyukta Vishwanathan performed admirably in her role; in particular, her action sequences are expertly staged. The actress made a strong impression and pulled off the feats effectively. In their respective parts, Satya, Taagubothu Ramesh, and murali Sharma are all passable.

The nicest thing about the first half is that it's a terrific way to kill time with goofy comedy that truly works. The opening hour of the film moves quickly, and Simon K. King's soundtrack is appealing. Even the comedy is over the top and most of them never had laughs!

Chaari 111's methodology is its main flaw. When the film isn't taken too seriously, it provides mediocre amusement that doesn't make sense. However, the film loses interest in the second half when it becomes serious. Perhaps the absurd strategy should have been used by the filmmakers throughout the entire movie.

The latter part of the proceedings didn't seem to be taking the proceedings seriously enough. Again, the movie gets ridiculous towards the conclusion, and the haphazard manner in which it is presented is unimpressive. The bulk of the screen time is devoted to the overly extended flashback.

The lack of fun in the second half is the major reason it isn't compelling. Abruptly, the film becomes intense about the indian troops' sacrifices. We are unable to relate to the emotion because the first half of the story is so absurd, therefore it doesn't fit within the story. Although it looked distinctive, the decision to present the flashback in an animated format didn't enhance the movie. The film benefits from the lively background soundtrack by Simon K. king and the art direction of DOP Kashish Grover. The "Rudranetra" set was expertly designed by the art direction team. The production values are well-executed. The second half should have had a couple of sequences cut out.

Overall, Chaari 111 has some decent humor in the early part of the film, but with a serious tone in the second half, the film becomes dull. The choice to employ two distinct strategies for each half was unsuccessful. The ridiculous humor works to a certain degree, but when the film gets serious, it doesn't appear real and loses its punch.


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