Actor vijay deverakonda is one of the most well-known and talented. His acting abilities have allowed him to carve out a place for himself. His astounding performances have won him a lot of admirers. But he began to question himself after his failure. Vijay is heard in a previous interview claiming that he has punished himself because the movie did not meet his expectations.

On social media, an old video of Vijay is becoming quite popular. He says, "About Liger, that upset me that I didn't see it," in the audio clip. I was therefore not very affected by the movie's failure. How could you not see how that felt for me? I asked. When vijay deverakonda says anything, it occurs because he is the one who says it. And I said that Lig would be popular, but it wasn't, so how in the world did you miss us, you stupid fool? It took some thinking, but I've chosen to stick with it for the following three films.

I am an outspoken person, therefore when I consider a movie to be successful, I refer to it as a blockbuster. I have made the decision to keep my lips quiet and let my work speak for the next three films. I have punished myself because I embarrassed myself, thus it is a self-inflicted punishment.

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