The hyderabad police increased security in the city on friday, march 1, in response to an explosion at the well-known restaurant Rameshwaram Cafe in Bengaluru. To provide people with a sense of confidence, the police are checking vehicles and policing the city's busy areas. Higher-ranking police officers instructed their staff to carry out inspections at bus and train stations as well as in densely populated areas of the city.

Scent detection teams and bomb-detecting dogs checked several locations across the city. The city's key installations now have more security. The CISF strengthened its security apparatus to defend the defense installations and the RGI Airport.

Bengaluru Blast
Chief minister of karnataka Siddaramaiah verified that the explosion was caused by a low-intensity IED (improvised explosive device).
"We're looking over the security footage. The explosion was explosive. Who did it is unknown to us. At the location are the cops. While speaking to the media in Mysuru, he stated, "I have asked the home minister to review the situation."
According to the chief minister, the blast was an improvised one rather than a high explosive. Siddaramaiah underlined that the issue should not be politicized, citing the last explosion in karnataka that occurred in Mangaluru during the tenure of the bjp government.

The fire service on friday ruled out the likelihood that the blast at the well-known downtown cafe, which left at least nine people injured, was caused by a gas leak. Instead, they claimed a bag was discovered at the scene. Teams from the forensics department are attempting to determine what caused the explosion.
For treatment, the injured have been sent to various hospitals. According to authorities, two employees and seven clients were among them.
Police assumed that a bag in the restaurant burst, so they sent bomb disposal and forensic teams to investigate the scene and determine the true cause of the explosion.

"The fire brigade received a report regarding an LPG leaking fire at the café at 1:08 PM today. There was no flame or fire at the location when our crews and cops arrived. At the restaurant, a woman sitting with six other patrons was seated behind a bag that burst. The director of the karnataka State fire and Emergency services department, TN Shivashankar, told PTI that there is a possibility that an item within the bag triggered the explosion.

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