A. revanth reddy, the chief minister of telangana, declared on friday that the state will soon form an education Commission and a Farmers Commission. The Farmers Commission will provide suggestions for the welfare of farmers and tenant farmers as well as handle their complaints, while the education Commission will develop policies to improve the educational system.

Speaking with leaders of civil society and other social groups at the Secretariat, he announced that the government will convene an all-party conference to address the rights and welfare of tenant farmers. The concept of introducing new legislation to safeguard tenant farmers' rights was discussed by the cm and the delegates.

According to revanth reddy, a comprehensive conversation about extending the Rythu Bharosa benefits ought to take place. The primary goal of the government is to support the weak, and if necessary, further aid should be given to the actual recipients. He declared that the crop insurance program would be carried out in its entirety.

The chief minister also stressed the need for the state to implement crop rotation programs and advised farmers to use innovative techniques to grow every crop. He informed the attendees that since assuming power in the state, the administration has implemented several social projects.
Shortly after the new administration took office, the doors to the Praja Bhavan and the Dharna Chowk in Indira Park were opened for citizens to air their complaints. Revanth Reddy restated the government's pledge to give jobless people work. Similar to the Union Public service Commission (UPSC), the telangana State Public service Commission would handle the hiring process transparently.


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