The cost of commercial LPG cylinders has increased significantly in metro areas, including hyderabad, according to announcements made by oil marketing companies (OMCs). Today marked the implementation of this trek, the first of the year.
The price adjustment coincides with continuous changes in market conditions and fuel prices.
Hyderabad has the second-highest cost of commercial LPG cylinders of any indian metropolis.
The following are the costs of commercial LPG cylinders in major cities:

Domestic cylinder prices in metro cities

Even though household LPG rates have not risen, hyderabad has the second-highest cylinder rate in India.
In hyderabad, a household LPG cylinder currently retails for Rs 955. The costliest place is Kolkata, where a cylinder costs Rs 1000.
The following are the costs of household LPG cylinders in major cities:

Why are LPG cylinder prices in hyderabad high?

Hyderabad has the second-highest cylinder pricing among metro areas because of different state and local levies. local taxes result in increased pricing for the inhabitants of Hyderabad. The adilabad district in telangana state has the highest petrol prices. In the district, the rates for both household and commercial gas are Rs 982 and Rs 2073, respectively.

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