In february, Telangana's monthly collection of Goods and services Tax (GST) exceeded 5,000 crore for the first time since the tax's inception in 2017. The most recent GST data from the Union Finance Ministry shows that telangana collected 5,211 crore in february, up 18% from 4,424 crore in the same month last year. telangana is one of the few states that has seen growth of at least 18% in the past year.

The remaining states are assam (25%), Jammu & kashmir (23%) maharashtra (23%), punjab (18%), and karnataka (19%). Comparing february of this year to last, neighboring andhra pradesh saw growth of just 3%. The state projected in the 2023–24 budget that 50,942 crore will be collected in GST during the fiscal year. As of January, the state has earned 37,995 crore.

According to figures supplied by the Centre, there has been a 19% rise in the same periods due to the pre-settlement of SGST. After the Centre settled the Integrated Goods and service Tax (IGST), SGST earnings climbed to 36,949 crore from 18,195 crore in april 2023 to february 2024. The numbers were 15,294 and 34,686 over the same time in 2022–2023 correspondingly.

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