Samantha Ruth Prabhu, an actress, took a hiatus from her profession in 2022 after learning she had an inflammatory condition called myositis. She just started a health and wellbeing-focused podcast channel called "Take 20" with her buddy and Toronto-based fitness expert Alkesh. 

The two discussed the definition of autoimmune disorders, the reasons for their growth, and preventative measures in the podcast's debut episode.

Samantha admitted that she has been taking extreme measures to treat her condition—checking ingredients, employing air purifiers, and more—which are not practicable for everyone. She made this confession while asking Alkesh what could be done to counter the problem. The smallest and easiest approach, according to Alkesh, "is to do less." 
According to him, it has nothing to do with health issues or green juices. "Our bodies naturally produce detoxification agents through the lymphatic system, perspiration, and organs like the kidney and liver. Your immune system works to defend you from harmful substances such as poisons.
"Bad eating habits, putting work over health, and leading a highly stressful life all impede the process and contribute to the development of these illnesses. Our detox process occurs primarily when we are asleep. These days, getting a good night's sleep is beneficial," he stated. samantha also acknowledged that the year before the onset of the disease was challenging for her, with poor sleep.


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