BCCI favours hardik but not Shreyas Iyer..!?

Are there separate rules only for hardik pandya in the indian team, and separate rules for other players? Fans are questioning BCCI's biased decisions. Recently the bcci annual contract was announced. shreyas iyer and ishan kishan were released from the bcci contract. So far the contract has been announced for the period from october 2023 to september 2024. From october to january 2024, both of them have participated in various international competitions. They continued to get a place in the team. But the bcci has taken action against them citing their non-participation in the local Test series Ranji Trophy. Also, the bcci insists that any player under the bcci contract should participate in domestic matches when they are not playing in international matches.
However, after joining the indian team, hardik pandya has played only a few domestic matches in the last 5-6 years. He did not participate in any local competitions throughout last year. hardik pandya will not feature in the domestic Test series as he will not be included in the international Test squad. If he doesn't take part in the first Test series after returning from injury, he also miss the local ODI series vijay hazare and the local T20 series syed mushtaq ali T20 series. However, he has been given a bcci contract. Many people are asking about it. Meanwhile, an explanation has been given by the bcci that he has promised to participate in local matches in the future. If so, can bcci take similar assurances from shreyas iyer and ishan kishan and give them contracts? The truth is that in a way bcci is working in favor of its pet son hardik Pandya.

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