The suspect in the Bengaluru Rameshwaran Cafe explosion is shown in new CCTV footage that surfaced on saturday strolling approaching the eatery while allegedly carrying an intense explosive device in a backpack. To find the accused, who is at large following the explosion on friday that left ten people injured, police have set up seven or eight squads.
According to police sources, the IED device was set off by a timer, which is how the low-intensity bombing at the well-known cafe in Bengaluru happened on Friday. This information is being investigated further under anti-terror laws.
A team from the National Security Guard (NSG) arrived at the explosion site early on saturday morning in order to investigate it.

Latest Developments

• Newly released CCTV footage shows the guy approaching the café while carrying a shoulder bag and donning a white hat and mask.

• Yesterday, the police had identified the culprit based on the CCTV video. He was characterised by deputy chief minister DK Shivakumar as a youthful man in his 28s or 30s. After leaving, he put the bag next to a tree (which is next to the cafe). The bomb occurred an hour later.

• According to the first investigative report (FIR), which was filed in response to a supervisor's complaint, the offenders planned and carried out a bomb explosion with the intention of causing mayhem and fatalities. According to the FIR, "near around 11:30 a.m., Hariharan, the complainant's hotel's extra manager, noticed a guy who had taken the ED and left a bag in his hand near the blast location. It was discovered that the act was carried out and that a plot to carry out a terrorist act with the goal of murdering members of the public was conceived. As a result, the bomb was prepared, hidden in the complainant's hotel, and detonated."

• Authorities further retrieved a timer and several IED components from the explosion site in the Whitefield vicinity. The forensic study that verifies the explosion's method is still pending.

• The suspect came at the location aboard a BMTC bus, according to information provided by the police, according to karnataka Home minister G Parameshwara. "We have formed a number of teams. We have some CCTV footage that we have gathered. That was the route taken by a BMTC bus at the time of the explosion. It is known to us that he arrived via bus. The minister declared, "As quickly as possible, we will arrest the accused.

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