Congressmen mallikarjun Kharge and jairam ramesh received a legal summons from Union minister nitin gadkari for posting a 19-second excerpt of an interview he had with india Today's sister station Lallantop. The Congressmen are charged with hiding the context and significance of Gadkari's conversation with the bjp leader with the "intent to create confusion, sensation, and disrepute" and "build fissure and rift" within the party.

The notice mentioned that Gadkari’s interview has been “twisted, distorted, and presented on your (Congress) microblogging site ‘X’ wall by uploading the above video which is bereft and devoid of the contextual meaning.”

In the 19-second video that congress released, nitin gadkari discusses the underprivileged, farmers, and villages. "The impoverished, labourers, farmers, and villages are dissatisfied...Gadkari may be heard stating, "The communities lack excellent roads, clean water to drink, effective hospitals, and effective schools. The portion of Gadkari's speech regarding rural-urban migration and the subsequent section discussing the nda government's initiatives to better farmers' livelihoods are not included in the version of the video that congress released.

The Congressmen are charged with "in spite of knowing the full content of my client's (Gadkari) interview...deliberately posted the hindi captions and video by concealing the contextual meaning of the interaction, which is deliberate and malicious to malign the reputation of my client," according to the legal notice sent by Nitin Gadkari.


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