The first post was uploaded by vignesh shivan on instagram following Nayanthara's "unfollow" of him. The filmmaker, who has known Nayanthara for more than ten years, posted a picture of her on his instagram Stories. Vignesh was spotted supporting Nayanthara as usual. This time, he sent a message revealing that Nayanthara's cosmetics line, 9 Skin, will serve as the event's main sponsor. The post included information on the awards show and a picture of Nayanthara smiling with flowers.
In an apparent attempt to put a stop to suspicions that there could be a problem between him and Nayanthara, Vignesh published the photo on his instagram Stories. Finally, it seemed as though Nayanthara had following him back on Instagram. Hours after fans discovered Nayanthara had "unfollowed" Vignesh, this happened.

A Reddit user said that earlier in the day, Nayanthara "unfollowed" vignesh shivan on Instagram. Fans of Nayanthara are curious as to whether things are OK between her and Vignesh after she posted a mysterious message on her instagram Story. Nayanthara's narrative said, "Even with tears in her eyes, she's gonna say 'I got this,' forever." Last August, Nayanthara signed up for Instagram. She has shown her followers pictures and videos of her twins ever since her debut.

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