The Rushikonda area in Visakhapatnam has become a center of controversy over the construction of buildings for the past four years. Initiated by the then Tourism minister Avanti Srinivas, the construction in Bhimili constituency faced opposition claims of environmental violations and construction without proper permits. The criticism also extended to the shaving of Rushikonda.

Political figures like pawan kalyan expressed interest in constructing at Rushikonda, and opposition leaders raised questions about the secrecy surrounding the project. minister RK Roja, who inaugurated the tourism project recently, defended the construction, stating that all necessary permissions were obtained. She emphasized that the new buildings would enhance Visakhapatnam's beauty and compared them to structures like Talamanikam.

Roja also hinted at the possibility of using some of the buildings for the Chief Minister's camp office when chief minister Jagan mohan reddy shifts to Visakhapatnam. The release of information about the project has been somewhat secretive, with the media not allowed during the opening, but the Tourism Department shared drone-shot visuals of the buildings on social media.

Described as resembling a royal palace, the state-of-the-art structures are illuminated by electric lights. Released under the theme "Vizag - the City of Destiny," the video shots showcase the buildings' architectural beauty. However, Roja's comments about the buildings potentially becoming the CM's camp office have reignited controversy. tdp leaders questioned the need for such construction, particularly the spending of hundreds of crores, and criticized the demolition of existing green resorts.

Despite the controversy, the video shots of the newly constructed buildings are gaining popularity on social media, with many netizens expressing admiration for the structures in Visakhapatnam.

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