Following the death of a first-year Inter student in Adilabad, the telangana State Board of Intermediate Examination (TSBIE) on Friday, march 1, decided to loosen the "not even one-minute late" policy for examinations this year. Interstudents will be permitted to enter the venue up to five minutes after the test starts, according to a TSBIE regulation that has been loosened. shiva, a first-year inter-student from Jainatha Mandal's Mangurla hamlet, committed suicide by plunging into the Satnala project after being refused permission to take his test.

According to the first reports, shiva arrived at the test hall two minutes late and took a serious step after being turned away. However, the police claimed that even five minutes after the exam started, shiva was nowhere to be seen, according to an NDTV report. The police have ruled out any link between the Inter student's absence and the latecomers' regulation, stating that they believe the student skipped the exam owing to exam-related stress. His things and a suicide note were discovered close to the Satnala dam. The message from the interstudent said in Telugu, "I am sorry father, I couldn't take the exam, I can't bear this pain."

Beginning this week, over 10 lakh students are attempting to pass the Inter examinations. Exam regulations set by the state board are stringent and include a clause that has been challenged in court. According to this clause, pupils will not be allowed to take the test if they are even one minute late to the exam location. Many students were seen outside the testing facility sobbing and pleading with the examiners to let them in as the examinations got underway.

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