Three sanitation workers tragically perished on friday night in Kulsumpura from asphyxiation while cleaning a manhole. M. Venkateshwar Rao, 40, V. Hanmanth, 42, and M. srinivas, 40, are the deceased individuals. According to the police, a corporation employed srinivas, a sanitary worker, and a few other laborers to clean manholes.

Srinivas opened the manhole cover on friday night, stumbled, and fell into it. Hanmanth and Venkateshwar Rao, two of his coworkers, leaped down the manhole to save srinivas, but they were overcome by the deadly gas they breathed and perished, Kulsumpura sub-inspector B. manmohan Goud told india Herald. The victims were employed on a daily salary basis by the ayyappa Infra contract agency.

Jeevan Raj, a different employee who attempted to assist them, became unwell after breathing in the toxic fumes. The family claimed that since the contract agency ayyappa Infra neglected to supply breathing masks to its workers, three people died. Regarding the sanitation workers' deaths, the hyderabad police filed a case of culpable homicide against the contract agency, and an investigation is currently proceeding. The police registered a case of culpable homicide against the contract agency and a probe is underway.

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